Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 34, Issue 4, 2017

34(4), 2017

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Original Article
Men and women do not have the same relation between body composition and bone mineral density in Brazilian people ALONSO, A. C.; RIBEIRO, T. C.; FERREIRA, R. B.; DUARTE, R.; BRECH, G. C.; SILVA, L. X.; BOCALINI, D. S.; PETERSON, M.; MAIFRINO, L. B. M.; GREVE, J. M. D. A.
Brain weights in adult africans SALAMI, A.; AJANI, M.; ORHORHO, I.; OGUN, G.; ADEOYE, A.; OKOLO, C.; OLUWASOLA, A.; OGUNBIYI, J.
Effects of long-term physical exercise in the skeletal muscles of rats ADALA, J. F.; CAMPOS, G. E. R.
Destructive effects of 4-methylimidazole on histomorphology of liver YADAV, S.; KALRA, S.; WADHWA, S.
Evaluation of changes in the locomotion and histology of sciatic nerve following experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis CHANG, S. M. W.; WAI, S. X.; CHIN, P. Y.; LIM, J. T.; MITRA, N. K.
Mandibular and maxillary canine as a tool for sex determination MOHSENPOUR, K.; GANGADHAR, M. R. ; SAMEHSALARI, S.
Topographic analysis of the mandibular canal in coronal section, in the region of molars PINHEIRO, S. D. A.; MOTA, V. B.; SILVA, S. F.; BENIGNO, M. I. M.
Estrogen treatment effects on rats soleus muscles’ glycogen content, extracellular matrix and cross-sectional area SEVERI, M. T. M.; DURIGAN, J. L. Q.; PEREIRA, E. C. L.; BATISTA E SILVA, L. L.; MARTINS, W. R.; VIEIRA, E. R.; TIBANA, R. A.; PRESTES, J.; MARQUETI, R. C.; SILVA, C. A.

J. Morphol. Sci.

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