Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 34, Issue 1, 2017

34(1), 2017

Review Article
Critical analysis of aortic dysmorphism in Marfan Syndrome SOUZA, R. B.; CASSIANO, L. L.; LIBERATORE, A. M. A.; TEDESCO, R. C.; KOH, I. H. J. ; MARTINS, A. M. C. R. P. F.; VRETOS, C.; ALONSO, L. G
Quantification of cortical neurons: a neuroanatomical myth in neuroscience PARRA, J. E. D.; AGUIRRE, J. F. G.; MEJÍA, F. R.

Case Report
Multiple variations of azygos system of veins: a case report MALOOR, P. A.; NAYAK, S. B.; REGHUNATHAN, D.; SHETTY, S. D. ; PRABHU, G. S.
Aneurysm of the abdominal aorta with associated atheroma and bilateral renal atrophy: a case report CAMPOS, D.; GOULART, G. R.; PACINI, G. S.; THOMAZ, L. D. G. R.; BONATTO-COSTA, J. A.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, L. P.; MALYSZ, T.; ROCHA, A. O.
Diaphragmatic hernia in an adult cadaver: a case report PUNJA, R.; TEWARI, S.; MALSAWMZUALI, J. C.; D’SOUZA, A. S.; KALTHUR, S. G.

Original Article
Anatomical and clinical relevance of elongated styloid process in a sample of the Colombian population BAENA-CALDAS, G. P.; ROJAS-ZULUAGA, S.; PECKHAM, X.
Morphological study of prostate in different age groups of Indian population KAYALVIZHI, I.; BHORIA, S.; KHANAGWAL, V. P.; NARAYAN, R. K.
Classification and incidence of medial articular surface in Northeastern-Thai clavicles IAMSAARD, S.; AILADDA, K.; APICHAKAN, S.; PANYA, T.

J. Morphol. Sci.

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