Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 33, Issue 3, 2016

33(3), 2016

Original Article
Development of epididymis and vas deferens in Galea spixii: an ultrastructural view Santos, P. R. S.; Arroyo, M. A. M.; Oliveira, M. F.; Miglino, M. A.; Assis Neto, A. C.
Morphometric analysis of the coronary arteries: a study of the external diameters Silva, J. M. L.; Nagato, A. C.; Reis, R. B.; Nardeli, C. R.; Abreu, F. P.; Bezerra, F. S.
Morphological pattern of Crista terminalis, Musculi pectinati and Taenia sagittalis with applied significance Rastogi, R.; Budhiraja, V.; Jain, S. K.; Sharma, N.; Garg, R.; Nafees, H.
Demonstration of reticulin fibres in the epididymis of adult male wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus) Ukwenya, V. O.; Ashaolu, O. J.; Alese, O.; Oluyemi, K. A.; Ojo, G.; Ashamu, E.
Measurement the “Q” angle through the application of direct method and indirect method Vanzeli, C. H. G.; Reis, A. C. F.; Pereira, A. G.; Tavares, M. R.; Fazan, V. P. S.

J. Morphol. Sci.

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