Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 33, Issue 1, 2016

33(1), 2016

Original Article
Pattern analysis and distribution of the superior mesenteric artery branches in corpses in a death survey service Pereira, A. K. F. T. C.; Aires Neto, S. A.; Silva Neto, E. J.; Franca, H. A.; Negromonte, G. R. P.; Lucena, R. R. L.; Maia, A. D.; França, C. C. N. L.
Musculoskeletal analysis of masticatory system arising from malocclusion: literature review Casarin, C. A. S.; Palma, R. K.; Arsa, G.; Andrade, E. L.; Leite, G. S.; Bocalini, D. S.; Serra, A. J.; Suzuki, F. S.; Paulo Henrique Ferreira Caria
Staining of elastic and muscle fibers to morphometric studies in Chelonia mydas Braz, J. K. F. S.; Gomes, V. L. A.; Queiroz, M. S. M.; Silva, N. B.; Moura, C. E. B.
Discovery of anatomic variant of saphenous nerve from human cadaver dissection Ahmad, U. ; San, A. A. ; See, C. P. ; Taib, C. N. M.; Moklas, M. A. B. M.; Othman, F.
Glycoconjugate composition of ovine parotid glands elucidated by lectins Çinar, K. ; Öztop, M. ; Özkarasu, B.
Prenatal development of palatine tonsil in sheep (Ovis aries) Raju, N. K. B.; Ramesh, G.; Basha, S. H.; Ushakumary, S.
Neuroanatomical structures manufacture: an alternative in the practical teaching of neuroanatomy Falcão, J. G. B. ; Sandes, A. A. G. ; Rodrigues, B. R.; Nascimento, I. Y. M.; Schwingel, P. A. ; Silva Júnior, E. X.
Venous arrangement of the head and neck in humans – anatomic variability and its clinical inferences Silva, M. R. M. A.; Henriques, J. G. B.; Silva, J. H.; Camargos, V. R.; Moreira, P. R.
Anatomical variation of the ulnar artery: clinical and developmental significance Ghosh, B. ; Yadav, S.; Virendra Budhiraja; Dass, P. K.; Rakhi Rastogi; Chowdhury, S.
Effects of aerobic exercise of different intensities in the liver of metabolic syndrome animals Sousa, L. A. C.; Saucedo, S. C. M. ; Veloso, A. G. B. ; Machi, J. F.; San, A. A. ; Ornelas, E. M.; See, C. P.
Fibrous dysplasia of the maxilla: a case report Sousa, R. C. ; Renan Macedo Cutrim Tavares; Carla Cabral dos Santos Accioly Lins

J. Morphol. Sci.

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