Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 31, Issue 4, 2014

31(4), 2014

Original Article
Height determination using hand length in Nigerian school children Ibegbu, A.; David, E. T.; Hamman, W. O.; Umana, U. E.; Musa, S. A.
Gluteal nerves in Crab-eating fox Senos, R.; Benedicto, H. G.
Multiple bilateral variations in urogenital vasculature- A clinico-embryological perspective Thakur, A.; Loh, H. K.; Mehta, V.; Suri, R. K.; Rath, G.
The pectoral-sternalis complex: an unusual case report Bala, M.; Passi, D. K; Kaushal, S.
Anatomy of sciatic nerve bifurcation in popliteal fossa: a fetal study Sinha, MB.; Gupta, R.; Aggarwal, A.; Sahni, D.; Sinha, HP.
Investigation of the impact using neuroanatomy specimens prepared using new anatomical techniques on students’ learning Cristiane Regina Ruiz; Lima, N. B.; Cunha, R. H.; Keity Nascimento Sá Monte
Histomorphological effect of ascorbic acid on mercury chlorideinduced changes on the cerebellum of adult wistar rats Ibegbu, A.; Animoku Abdulrazaq, A.; Ayuba Micheal; Brosu Daniel; Adamu Sadeeq, A.; Akpulu Peter; Hamman, W. O.; Umana, U. E.; Musa, S. A.
Morphological and morphometric analysis from the heart of Caracara plancus (Carcará) Miguel, R. D. S.; Reinaldo, R. C. P. S.; Fraga, K.B.; André Pukey Oliveira Galvão; Silva, J. A. C.; Xavier, J. E.; Magalhães, C.P.

J. Morphol. Sci.

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