Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 31, Issue 1, 2014

31(1), 2014

Original Article
Childhood obesity and its cardiovascular implications: a current view Ornelas, E.; Francica, J. V.; Wichi, R. B.; Maifrino, L. B. M.
Seventh cervical nerve perforating the middle scalene muscle: a possible clinical and surgical application Silva, A. T.; Gama, H. V. P.; Siqueira, S. L.; Jennecy Sales Cavalcanti; Franco, A. G.; Casagrande, M. M.
Comparison between linear evaluation and fractal geometry of the human and sheep heart Delgobo, M.; Olchanheski Junior, L. R.; Favero, G. M.
Histological studies on the retina and cerebellum of Wistar rats treated with ArteetherTM Okunlola, A. I.; Okunlola, C. K.; Okani, C. O.; Adewole, O. S.; Ofusori, D. A.; Komolafe, O. A.; Ojo, S. K.; Bejide, R. A.; Ayoka, A. O.; Ojewole, J. A. O.
Cirrhosis in rats does not resolve in the long-term after induction by thioacetamide model Rui, L. A.; Silva, E. A.; Silva, T. C.; Portela, T. C. L.; Silva, A. P.; Cogliati, B.; Dagli, M. L. Z.; Blazquez, F. J. H.
Effects of coffee (Coffea arabica) consumption on the femoral morphology and biomechanics in rats Santos, M. P.; Pagani, J. C. M.; Silva, T. D.; Garcia, J. A. D.; Romão, M. O. C.; Fernandes, G. J. M.; Soares, E. A.
Variations in the formation of the trunks of brachial plexus Aragão, J. A.; Melo, L. O.; Barreto, A. T. F.; da Silva Leal, A. T.; Reis, F. P.
Femoral artery in a Crab-eating fox: case report Senos, R.; Benedicto, H. G.
Anatomic variation of the facial artery and its implications for facial surgery: a case report Cardinot, T. M.; Vasconcellos, H. A.; Vasconcellos, P. H. B.; Oliveira, J. R.; Siqueira, P. B.; Aragão, A. H. B. M.
Bilateral mandibular premolars with tooth shape deviation: a rare dental anomaly Costa, G. B. F.; Ramos-Perez, F. M. M.; Castro, J. F. L.; Perez, D. E. C.
Knowledge-based virtualization of human anatomy: development of an interactive atlas of the upper limbs Jerbi, H.; Menezes, T. C. F.; Rejeb, A.; Lorente, G. D.; Erdoğ Silva, L. P.; an, S.; Perini, M. L. L.; Batigália, F.; W. Pérez; Fernandes, A. M.; Padovani Junior, J. A.

J. Morphol. Sci.

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