Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 30, Issue 4, 2013

30(4), 2013

Original Article

The process of aging and neuromuscular junction morphology of limb muscles: a systematic review Walter Krause Neto; Eliane Florêncio Gama
Inclusion of human brain slides in resin stained with mainland technique Magalhães, C.P.; Fraga, K.B.; Silva, J. A. C.; Silva, G. O.; Lira Neto, E. S.; Santos, L. B.; Galvão, R. C. S.; Oliveira, L. S.
Morphoquantitative analysis revealed Triceps Brachialis muscle hypertrophy by specific Resistance training equipment in rats Nascimento, V.; Walter Krause Neto; L. Gonçalves; L.B.M. Maifrino; Souza, R. R.; Eliane Florêncio Gama
Morphological and morphometric study of collagen and elastic fibers of the gastroduodenal junction of adult and old Wistar rats Brito, M.F.G.; Barbosa, A. C. S.; Silveira, M. P.; R.P. Chopard
Morphogenesis and maturation of synapses in developing human cochlear ganglion Sethi, M.; Mishra, S.; Kaul, J. M.; Vasudeva, N.
Macroscopic anatomy of the surface of the heart of albino Wistar rats Carvalho, C. A. M.; Thomazini, J. A.
A case report of variant insertion of plantaris muscle and its morphological and clinical implications Sugavasi, R.; Latha, K.; Devi, Indira; Jetti, R.; Sirasanagandla, S. R.; Gorantla, V. R.
Anatomical variation in the insertion of the major duodenal papilla Franco, S. S. D. R.; Mendes, L. F. M.; Fortes, L. H. S.; Siqueira, S. L.; Souza, I. K. F.
Anatomical characteristics of the larynx in giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) Erdogan, S.; W. Pérez
Duplicate caudate lobe of liver with oblique fissure and hypoplastic left lobe of liver Singh, R.; Singh, K.; Man, S.
Morphological changes induced by opioid receptor agonist treatment of B50 neuronal cells cultured in hypoxia Ibegbu, A.; McBean, D.; Fyfe, L.; Mullaney, I.
Anatomical variations of renal artery and its clinical correlations: a cadaveric study from central India Virendra Budhiraja; Rakhi Rastogi; Jain, V.; Bankwar, V.
Study of anatomical variations of motor branch of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel Pereira, A. K. F. T.; Saraiva, M. G.; Soares, R. M. S.; Franca, H. A.; Negromonte, G. R. P.; Maia, A. D.; Coutinho, L. A. S. A.
Allometric shape variation in Ovis aries mandibles: a digital morphometric analysis Parés-Casanova, P. M.
Variations in the morphology of platysma muscle in central Indians Chhaparwal, R.; Mittal, P. S.; Joshi, S.
Agenesis of palmaris longus muscle: is this a phenotype of variable expressivity? Morais, M. A.; Santos, W. G.; Malysz, T.

J. Morphol. Sci.

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