Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 30, Issue 2, 2013

30(2), 2013

Original Article

Origins of the middle meningeal artery and its probable embryological mechanism – A review Tales Harthmann da Silva; Joel Henrique Ellwanger; Da Rosa, H. T.; Deivis de Campos
Hepatotoxic effect of potassium bromate on the liver of wistar rats Oyewo, O. O.; Onyije, F. M.; Awoniran, P. O.
Morphology and biometric of the vesicular and bulbourethral glands in castrated and non-castrated Santa Ines breed sheep Neves, C. C.; S.M.B. Artoni; Pacheco, M. R.; Feliciano, M. A. R.; L. Amoroso; Melo, D. G.
Meta-analysis about Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP) Ferro, M.; Witter, C.; De Souza, RR; Buriti, M. A.
Production of knowledge on myocardial, exercise and menopause. Analysis of methodological approaches Cury, J. C. S.; M.L.J. Miranda; G.F. Braggion; Ornelas, E.; L.B.M. Maifrino
Morphometry of the pelvic ureter Magoma, G.; Ogeng’o, JA.; K.O. Awori
A quantitative analysis of atlas vertebrae and its abnormalities Gupta, C.; Radhakrishnan, P.; Palimar, V.; D'souza, A. S.; Kiruba, N. L.
Morphometric and quantitative analysis of the afferent renal artery variation Akinori Cardozo Nagato; Rocha, C. L. J. V.; Ana Carla Balthar Bandeira; Oliveira, R. M. S.; F.S. Bezerra
Clinical Implications caused by the agenesis of the Rectus Abdominal Muscle’s (MRA) inferior venter Ribeiro, D. M. C.; Cerqueira, P. C.; Silveira, D.; Sávio Lana Siqueira; Sales, M. C.; Soares, G. R.; Martins, L. A. G.; Franco, A. G.; Gama, H. V. P.; Casagrande, M. M.
Anatomical arrangement and distribution of the cerebral arterial circle in rats Vadgaonkar, R; B.V. Murlimanju; L.V. Prabhu; A. Rai; Nayak, S. R.; Pinto, C.
Accessory crus of diaphragm – a human morphological case report Esteves, A; Freitas, AC.; Rossi-Junior, WC.; Fernandes, GJM.
Morphological study of thymus in anencephalic and normal fetus Vijaya, R.; Rao, T. M. S.; Kumar, P. A.
Study of landmarks in dried skulls in a Brazil population G.A.M. Pereira; P.T.C. Lopes; A.M.P.V. Santos; Pozzobon, A.
Anatomical variations of acromions in brazilian adult’s scapulas Schetino, L. P. L.; Sousa Junior, R. R.; Amâncio, G. P. O.; Schetino, M. A. A.; Almeida-Leite, C. M.; Silva, J. H.
Anatomical study of the retroarticular process in dry human skulls Holleben, P.; Louzada, F. F.; H. Faig-Leite

J. Morphol. Sci.

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