Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 30, Issue 1, 2013

30(1), 2013

Original Article

Trigeminal neuralgia: literature review Santos, MM.; A.R. Freire; A.C Rossi; F.B. Prado; P.H.F. Caria; P.R. Botacin
Michelangelo’s art on the Sistine Chapel ceiling: sacred representation or anatomy lessons? Santos, I.P.; Rosa, J.P.C.; Joel Henrique Ellwanger; Molz, P.; Rosa, H.T.; D. Campos
Submandibular glands and the regulation of gastric proliferation and TGFα distribution during rat postnatal development Lestingi, J.F.P.; Cabral, R.S.; Gama, P.; Alvares, E.P.
Necrosis of a guinea pig stomach after contact with povidone-iodine: a case report Silva, J.L.C.G.; Barata, P.; Casal, D.; ONeil, A.; Alves, P.; O Neill, JG.
Impaction of permanent upper canine caused by supernumerary tooth with talon cusp type III Oliveira, J. B.; Melo, A.R.S.; Almeida, A.N.C.L.; Renan Macedo Cutrim Tavares; Carla Cabral dos Santos Accioly Lins
Anatomy of the left atrioventricular valve apparatus in landrace pigs Lima, J.V.S.; Almeida, J.; Bucler, B.; Alves, R.P.; Pissulini, C.N.A.; Carrocini, J.C.; Sérgio Ricardo Rios Nascimento; Cristiane Regina Ruiz; Nader Wafae
Dimensions of the human adult mitral valve in the embalmed cadaver Chandni Gupta; Shetti, V.R.; Manju, B.V.M.
A study on branching pattern of human aortic arch and its variations in south indian population Rekha, P.; Senthilkumar, S.
Comparative histology of human and dog spleen Onkar, D.P.; Govardhan, S.A.
Morphologic features from mdx mice spleens, used for duchenne muscular dystrophy studies Santos, A.C.; Oliveira, D.M.; Bertassoli, B.M.; Viana, D.C.; Vasconcelos, B.G.; A.C. Assis Neto
Alterations in the duodenum myenteric neurons of Wistar rats after ingesting of 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid Pereira, JNB; J.R. Scoz; Germano, RM.; S.R. Stabille; Mari, RB.
Morphological characteristics of the rat thymus during perinatal protein deprivation and early refeeding: a qualitative and quantitative study Baptista, J.S.; W.P. Mayer; Fontes, R.; C.E. Seyfert; Boldrini, S.C.; E.A. Liberti

J. Morphol. Sci.

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