Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 28, Issue e, 2011

28(e), 2011

Original Article

Reorganization of anatomy´s teaching in medical faculty of USP: the Renato Locchi´s period Tavano, P.T.; Almeida, M.I.
Evaluation of the use of grude glycerin in the conservation of anatomical parts Carvalho, Y.K.; Zavarize, K.C.; Salas, E.R.; P.P. Bombonato
Anatomy of the human brain: comparison of two techniques based on study and learning in the laboratory of anatomy Prado, C.M.; Silva, P.D.S.; Demaman, A.S.; Bim, W.R.; J.A. Thomazini
Staining and inclusion of human brain slices in resin Magalhães, C.P.; Galvão, A.P.O.; Fraga, K.B.; Freitas, M.F.L.; Toscano, A.E.; Santos, T.R.; Campina, R.C.F.; L.S. Oliveira
The contribution of the project “anatomy laboratory go to school” in the public education of Palotina-PR Favaretto, L.; Novaski, E.; Novaski, D.; Druziani, J.T.; Prokoski, K.; Birck, A.J.; Filadelpho, A.L.; Barcelos, R.P.
Evaluation of methods of study of veterinary anatomy classes Santos, P.R.S.; Constantino, M.V.P.; Silva, L.C.S.; Lessa, T.B.; P.P. Bombonato; C.E. Ambrósio; A.C. Assis Neto
Analysis of student discipline of anatomy to the practice of veterinary medicine Constantino, M.V.P.; Silva, L.C.S.; Lessa, T.B.; Santos, P.R.S.; A.C. Assis Neto; P.P. Bombonato; C.E. Ambrósio
Use of electromyography for the anatomical rails teaching Ferreira, B.; Silva, G.P.; Verri, E.D.; Marisa Semprini; Selma Siéssere; Simone Cecílio Hallak Regalo
Use of ultrasonography for clinical human anatomy teaching Ferreira, B.; Silva, G.P.; Verri, E.D.; Marisa Semprini; Selma Siéssere; Simone Cecílio Hallak Regalo
Methodology of teaching-apprenticeship in human anatomy Santos, J.W.; Vilarinho, G.S.; França, G.L.M.; R. Bernardino Júnior
Latex injection process in teaching and learning of nonhumans primates vacularization Silva, L.C.S.; Junior, V.P.; Lessa, T.B.; Constantino, M.V.P.; Santos, P.R.S.; P.P. Bombonato; C.E. Ambrósio; A.C. Assis Neto
Organization of pedagogic and didactic material as facilitator for practical classes at the human anatomy laboratory Bartasson, A.; David, P.Z.; Silva, D.C.O.; Mitri, F.F.; Santos, L.A.
Introduction to human anatomy for elementary and high school students Alexandre, M.; Silva Junior, L.M.; A.G. Caetano; O.A. Rodrigues Filho
Anatomical concepts of high school stundents in the city of Cuité-PB: an inicial descriptive study Baptista, V.I.A.; Medeiros, L.M.; Lima, J.; Scardua, A.; Baptista, J.S.
ideo lesson: acceptance for students in different perspectives R. Senos; Penha, J.C.Q.; Leite, C.R.; Rodrigues, A.H.C.; Pereira-Sampaio, M.; Camara Filho, J.A.; Roberto-Rodrigues, M.
Dissection workshop: a new tool for teaching human anatomy Rocha, A.O.; Schwab, R.S.; Tormes, D.A.; Lehmann, N.; Canto, R.T.; Crespo, A.R.
The use of anatomical techniques to bone prepare as a teaching tool in human anatomy Tormes, D.A.; Lehmann, N.; Schwab, R.S.; Canto, R.T.; Rocha, A.O.
Anatomical study models through biscuit technique Simoes, L.S.; Neres, F.S.; Ferreira, T.S.; Correa, L.R.; Silva, A.G.
Human anatomy distance learning – Carmo, L.C.T.D.
Bone preparation through digestion by dermestes: an efficient, easy and cheap technique Covrel, C.; Cipriano, V.B.; Rueff-Barroso, C.R.; Bittencourt, A.S.
Dissection approach in the teaching of the diaphragm in nonhuman primates Lessa, T.B.; Silva, L.C.S.; Constantino, M.V.P.; Santos, P.R.S.; C.E. Ambrósio; P.P. Bombonato; A.C. Assis Neto
Behavior of middle cerebral artery in Ovis Aries (Mammália, Artiodactyla): a didactic perspective Rafael Neto, P.R.; Pádua, A.C.; Godoy, J.R.P.; Mayer, R.K.
Donation knowledge about to voluntary body anatomical studies Parada-Simão, T.R.; Liberti, E.A.
Play activity for teaching in anatomy Limeira, R.; Valentim, L.C.; Parada-Simão, T.R.
Jury simulation as a methodology for learning anatomy Silva, J.B.; Parada-Simão, T.R.; Papa, P.C.
Didactic models as an initiative for anatomical education Lenis, Y.; Tamayo, L.J.
Anastomotic circle of basilar artery of Ovis Aries, a teaching perspective Mayer, R.K.; Neto, P.R.; Pádua, A.C.; Godoy, J.R.P.
The teaching and learning process in the human anatomy department of the course in pharmacy Luz, G.F.S.; Benevides, G.P.
A new approach to the teaching-learning process in anatomy Gonçalves, A.; Boldrini, S.C.
Anatomical teaching techniques in anatomy post- graduate course Cavalli, M.A.; Biasi, C.; Faria, J.W.V.; Takano, A.P.C.; Bolina-Matos, R.S.; Oliveira, C.C.B.; Silva, M.V.; Bobna, A.R.M.; Mendonça, P.O.R.; Boldrini, S.C.; Liberti, E.A.
Conservation techniques of anatomical parts to the e study and teaching of human anatomy Doval, M.C.; Vale, A.L.M.; Godoy, J.R.P.
Professional education: use of conceptual maps in the verification of the significant learning in the teaching of the human anatomy L.G. Cabral; F.B. Lizardo; Mitri, F.F.; Santos, L.A.
Analysis of human body knowledge of students in the 5th a, b, c and d of E. E. Inah de Mello: approach for museum of anatomy Brazil, G.R.; Santos, R.L.; Fonseca, C.M.S.; Pereira, T.S.C.; Rufino, M.; Castelucci, P.
Virtual atlas of comparative neuroanatomy: an alternative tool for students Marques, K.V.; Faria, E.F.; Oliveira, V.N.; Pinto, W.J.
Animal model: a didactal perspective on neuroanatomy teaching Pádua, A.C.; Neto, P.R.; Mayer, R.K.; Godoy, J.R.P.
Journey to the human body for the elderly workshop Valentim, I.M.; Reis, I.B.; Cardoso, P.C.O.F.; Faria, E.F.; Marques, K.V.
The use of biological models in neuroanatomy teaching as adidactical tool Godoy, J.R.P.; Mayer, R.K.; Neto, P.R.; Pádua, A.C.
The use of the moodle platform as a support to the presencial human anatomy teaching Horta-Júnior, J.A.C.; Arantes, L.F.
Music as a learning tool in anatomy Almeida, D.F.; Bolina-Matos, R.S.; Alves, P.H.M.; Bolina, C.S.; Parada-Simão, T.R.
Use of crosswords as an alternative strategy for teaching Bolina-Matos, R.S.; Alves, P.H.M.; Bolina, C.S.; Parada-Simão, T.R.
Proposal of teaching in anatomy applied to the muscle system Habacuque, T.S.S.; Armond, E.E.; Pereira, C.S.; Silva, C.A.; Sousa, C.V.G.; Parada-Simão, T.R.
Didactic handbook of anatomy applied to bovine commercial meat cuts Mejía Gutiérrez, A.; Tamayo Arango, L.J.
Anatomical analysis of the stomatognathic system understood by electromyography surfasse Silva, G.P.; Ferreira, B.; Ribeiro, A.E.; Selma Siéssere; Verri, E.D.; Simone Cecílio Hallak Regalo
Teaching anatomy to undergraduates, high-, middle- and elementary-school students: using plastination within and outside the walls of the university at rio de janeiro Saraiva, T.G.F.; Abreu, J.G.; Queiroz, S.; Lobo, S.A.; Amaral, B.G.; Houzel, J.C.; Benevides, E.; Moura-Neto, V.; Lent, R.; Lima, F.; Faria, J.
Human anatomy: new methodology for the study of the locomotor system Cotomacci, G.; Beber, E.H.
Proposal of an assessment tool for the course of nervous system anatomy based on the perception of student learning Motta, M.; Varão, F.; Tempski, P.; Martins, M.A.; Cabral, R.H.
Knowledge of the human body and healthy food in students of EMEI Barão of Rio Branco/SP by museum of anatomy Delavy, R.S.; Frias, R.A.C.; Hayashi, A.M.; Lourenço, B.H.; Padilha, M.H.C.; Broinizi, P.R.B.; Castelucci, P.
Anatomo-morphological study of the stomatognathic system by ultrasound imaging Ferreira, B.; Silva, G.P.; Gurian, M.B.F.; Marisa Semprini; Verri, E.D.; Simone Cecílio Hallak Regalo
Trigeminal nerve: construction of a model in dry skull Josiane Medeiros de Mello; Torrejais, M.M.; Sarro, M.V.M.; Piloto, M.V.; Zanzarini, L.R.
Artisan construction of anatomical model as a tool in teaching neuroanatomy Josiane Medeiros de Mello; Gomes, C.R.G.; Sarro, M.V.M.; Piloto, M.V.; Zanzarini, L.R.
Longitudinal study of clinical anatomy upper incremental test - understood by electromyography surface Verri, E.D.; Simsic, A.A.; Silva, G.P.; Ferreira, B.; Miranda, A.P.B.

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