Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 27, Issue 3-4, 2010

27(3-4), 2010

Original Article

Morphological changes caused by aging on skeletal muscles and effects of exercise: a literature review P.M.D. Gonçalves; L.B.M. Maifrino; E.F. Gama; J.B.V. Costa; R.R. De Souza
Histopathological study of lingual circumvallate papillae and associated tissues in brazilian smoker and non-smoker individuals F.T. Cunha; A.A. Amorim Júnior; M.J.A.A.L. Amorim; E.R. Oliveira; V.A. Silva Júnior
Anatomical variation of the superior cerebelar artery: a case study A.L.S. Davim; J.F.S. Neto; D.F. Albuquerque
Extra-articular origin of long head of biceps brachii in human cadaver: a case report P. Cheema; R. Singla
Triangle of Brocq and Mouchet: anatomical study in brazilian cadavers and clinical implications F.M. Andrade; D.C. Ribeiro; M.A. Babinski; R. Cisne; M.L. Góes
Neuroanatomical correlation between choroid plexus mass in the choroidal fissure and the interventricular foramen area Daniel Damiani; N. Laudanna; C. Guedes; L. Nobeschi; Durval Damiani
Morphological analysis of the lingula in dry mandibles of individuals in Southern Brazil P.T.C. Lopes; G.A.M. Pereira; A.M.P.V. Santos
Variant morphogenesis of squamous part of occipital bone in human skulls B.V. Murlimanju; L.V. Prabhu; M.T. Paul; M.M. Pai; A. Krishnamurthy; A. Rai
Dimensions, mass and volume of the turtles kidneys(Trachemys scripta elegans WIED, 1839) G.F.N. Silva; W.C.G. Matos; V.T.O. Freire; J. Pereira Neto; C.E. Seyfert; M.D. Faria
The histormorphological organization of the hepato-caval interface in the human P.B. Karau; J.A. Ogeng’o; J. Hassanali; P.O. Odula

J. Morphol. Sci.

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