Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 27, Issue 2, 2010

27(2), 2010

Original Article

Branching pattern of aortic arch in a kenyan population J.A. Ogeng’o; B.O. Olabu; P.M. Gatonga; J.K. Munguti
Dental broken needle migration to the skull base. A case of dental broken needle migration to the skull base. Anatomical considerations and prevention. F.B. Prado; P.H.F. Caria; R.F. Silva; E.C. Martins; E. Daruge Jr.
Morphologic study of the greater palatine canal E.S. Urbano; K. A. Melo; S.T. Costa
The formation of the physical education professional: teaching the discipline of human anatomy A.P. Costa; E.F. Gama; S.A.P.S. Silva
Does Heteropterys aphrodisiaca administration and endurance training alter bones of mature rats? Juliana C. Monteiro; M.L.M. Gomes; W.R. Nakagaki; T.C. Tomiosso; M.M. Sbervelheri; H. Dolder
A Study on maturation of thyroid gland in human fetuses T.F.A. Rocha; R.V. Costa; A.C. Marçal; T.R. Moura; T.M.A. Rodrigues
Scalene dorsal muscle in corriedale sheeps N. Vázquez; G. Pedrana; W. Pérez
Meniscus morphometric study in humans P.R.P. Braz; W.G. Silva
Anatomical and clinical study of the subscapular nerves C.C. Menezes; S.V. Cricenti; F.M.P. Mendes; E.M. Souza
Frontal sinus size on facial plain radiographs I.R. Rubira-Bullen; C.M.F. Rubira; V.A. Sarmento; R. A. Azevedo
Effect of prenatal low-protein diet in subepicardial neuron of rat: a morphological study Akamatsu, FE; E.F. Gama; Andrade, M; R.R. De Souza; Jacomo, AL
Topography of the greater palatine foramen in macerated skulls C.S. Teixeira; V. R. Souza; C.P. Marques; W. Silva Júnior; K.F. Pereira
Qualitative analysis of striated skeletal muscles in the dystrophynopathy of mdx mice submitted to physical activity O.A. Gomes; D. C. Grizzo; H.B. Tiraboschi; B.S.C. Colú; F. Chahud; H.S.L. Santos

J. Morphol. Sci.

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