Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 27, Issue 1, 2010

27(1), 2010

Original Article

Calcification of the left internal carotid artery and its implications: a case report in human H. Mohr; M.B. Nazer; D. Campos
A variation in the origin of the median nerve associated with an unusual origin of the deep brachial artery D. Pais; D. Casal; A. Santos; J.G. O’Neill; Neill
Effects of estrogen deprivation and physical exercises on the arterial wall: a literature review V.B. Mariotti; L.B.M. Maifrino; R.R. Souza
Anatomical variations in shape of suprascapular notch of scapula K. Iqbal; R. Iqbal; S.G. Khan
Pharyngeal lymphatic ring: anatomical review Jacomo, AL; Akamatsu, FE; Andrade, M; N.F. Margarido
Morphometric aspects of the jugular foramen in dry skulls of adult individuals in Southern Brazil G.A.M. Pereira; P.T.C. Lopes; A.M.P.V. Santos; W.D. Krebs
Dimensions of the cranium and of the cranial cavity and intracranial volume in goats (Capra hircus LINNAEUS, 1758) R.T.S. Rodrigues ; W.C.G. Matos; F.M. Walker; F.S. Costa; C.W.S. Wanderley; J. Pereira Neto; M.D. Faria
Da Vinci’s anatomy N.S.Y. Bay; B.H. Bay
Evaluation of the teratogenic potentials of ciprofloxacin in albino rat M.A. Siddiqui; S.N.H. Naqvi
Location of the mental foramen in dry mandibles of adult individuals in Southern Brazil P.T.C. Lopes; G.A.M. Pereira; A.M.P.V. Santos
Morphological characteristics of foramen of Vesalius and its relationship with clinical implications A.C Rossi; A.R. Freire; F.B. Prado; P.H.F. Caria; P.R. Botacin
Accessory flexor carpi ulnaris muscle: a case report of a rare variation in human D. Campos; M.B. Nazer; L.M. Bartholdy; P.L. Souza

J. Morphol. Sci.

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