Journal of Morphological Sciences
Journal of Morphological Sciences


Volume 26, Issue 3-4, 2009

26(3-4), 2009

Original Article

Low protein diet during perinatal period decreases the number of subepicardial neurons in rats Akamatsu, FE; Gama, EF; Andrade, M; De Souza, RR; Jacomo, AL
Morphological aspects of the liver of the freshwater turtle Phrynops geoffroanus Schweigger, 1812 (Testudines, Chelidae) Moura, LR; Santos, ALQ; Belleti, ME; Vieira, LG; Orpinelli, SRT; De Simone, SBS
Anatomical description of the trigeminal nerve [v] and its branching in mongrel dogs Esteves, A; Ribeiro, CF; Dâmaso, CS; Moreira, FL; Fernandes, GJM; Carvalho Filho, J; Rossi Jr, WC
Estrogen receptors alpha and beta in non-target organs for hormone action: review of the literature Ieda Millas; Bianca Maria Liquidato
Computational macroscopical patterning of the medullary striae of fourth ventricle Fernando Batigália; Nagib Pezati Boer; Antonia Dalla Pria Bankoff; Luciana Estevan Simonato; Ana Luiza Ricci Boer; Erivelto Chacon
The Retrohepatic segment of inferior vena cava and the ostia venae hepaticae in a Northwest Indian population Mandeep Gill Sagoo; Gaurav Agnihotri
Bone structure, strength and microhardness resulting after hindlimb unloading in rats Carvalho, AAF; Louzada, MJQ; Nakamune, ACMS
Practice of dissection as teaching methodology in anatomy for nursing education Tales Alexandre Aversi-Ferreira; Danielly Bandeira Lopes; Suzy Mara Maia dos Reis; Tainá de Abreu; Glória Martins de Freitas Aversi-Ferreira; Ivânia Vera; Roselma Lucchese
Gross anatomy of the intestine and their peritoneal folds in the tucu - tucu (Ctenomys pearsoni) William Pérez; Martin Lima; Andrea Machado; Graciela Izquierdo
Anatomy of the scleral ossicles in brazilian birds Lima, FC; Vieira, LG; Santos, ALQ; De Simone, SBS; Hirano, LQL; Silva, JMM; Romão, MF
Muscle “islands” in the tunica media of the goat thoracic aorta Julius A Ogeng’o; Adel AK Malek; Stephen G Kiama; Beda O Olabu

J. Morphol. Sci.

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