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Journal of Morphological Sciences
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Bilateral mandibular premolars with tooth shape deviation: a rare dental anomaly

Costa, G. B. F.; Ramos-Perez, F. M. M.; Castro, J. F. L.; Perez, D. E. C.

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The tooth shape deviations are rare dental anomaly described in premolars, characterized by to show simultaneously an increased mesio-distal dimension and decreased bucco-lingual dimension when compared with other normal teeth. The presence of such teeth with variation in size may be related to malocclusions, since there is a reduction in circumference of the dental arch. This report describes a rare case of bilateral tooth shape deviations in the two mandibular first premolars and discusses the prevalence of this condition and the eventual clinical consequences associated with this dental anomaly.


anatomy, dental anomalies, malocclusion, morphology, teeth
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