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Femoral artery in a Crab-eating fox: case report

Senos, R.; Benedicto, H. G.

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Despite it is widely distributed in South America, there are few data about the anatomy of the Crab-eating fox. Once the domestic dog can be used as model for clinical and surgical approaches, the anatomical differences found between the Crab-eating fox and the domestic dog are important. The aim of this study is to describe the supplied areas of the femoral artery and its respective branches in Crab-eating Fox (Cerdocyon thous) and compare them with domestic dogs. Two pelvic limbs from one adult male animal originated from the Niteroi Zoo were used. The vascular system was filled with neoprene latex and fixed with 10% formalin to make the dissection easier. The results displayed similar arrangement for the branches of the femoral artery of the Crabeating Fox in comparison with domestic dogs, except for the Lateral circumflex femoral artery. This artery not only supplied the Satorius muscle, Quadriceps femoris muscle but also the ventral part of the lateral abdominal wall. This study brings data to applied anatomy and biodiversity.


anatomy, canidae, Cerdocyon thous, dog, vascular system
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