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Effects of coffee (Coffea arabica) consumption on the femoral morphology and biomechanics in rats

Santos, M. P.; Pagani, J. C. M.; Silva, T. D.; Garcia, J. A. D.; Romão, M. O. C.; Fernandes, G. J. M.; Soares, E. A.

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Introduction: Coffee consumption has proved to be harmful to osseous tissue integrity, thus, diminishing bone resistance. Considering the great number of individuals consuming coffee daily, therefore, the present study aims to demonstrate the effects of coffee on the femoral morphology and biomechanics resistance in Wistar rats. Methods: Twenty male Wistar rats were chosen for the experiment, divided into two groups (n = 10), as to know, CT (control) group, to which was offered water diet ad libitum; and, CF (coffee) group, to which was offered coffee as liquid diet. After 60 days, the animals had their blood analyzed for serum calcium level, they were euthanized and the right femurs were collected for histological procedure and the left ones were isolated for bone measures and mechanical test. Results: CF group animals do not present malnutrition or dehydration. Femur dimensions, trabecular bone width and cortical width analyses shown to be lower for CF group. Material and structural properties of the femurs of CF group animals demonstrate that this group presents weaker bones than those of CT group. Conclusion: The findings in the present study allow us to confirm that coffee consumption interferes negatively on the material and structural bone properties, diminishes trabecular and cortical bone density, and hence making bones more fragile and likely to fractures. So, due to the great number of individuals consuming coffee daily, it is important to reduce this consume on order to prevent bone trauma.


coffee, bone, biomechanics, morphometry
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