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Men and women do not have the same relation between body composition and bone mineral density in Brazilian people


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Objectives: The main objective this study was to examine if lean mass and the adiposity related with BMD in a eutrophic population of Brazilian adults, in different sites and gender. Methods: A crossectional observational study, without intervention. One hundred non-obese men and women, aged 20-40 years, who did not practice regular physical activity were evaluated. Body composition analysis was conducted by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), and multiple regression was used to examine the sex-specific association between adiposity and lean mass profiles. Results: Even after adjusting for age, sex, and BMI, total fat mass was inversely associated with total BMD (?=-4.52 g/cm2 , p<0.01). Lean mass was positively associated with BMD and female groups. In our study the lean mass has a postive effect in BMD for eutrophic Brazilian adults, opposite of adiposity. Although when stratified by gender, in adults women lean mass and adiposity have positive effects on BMD, which did not happen with men.


bone density, body composition, adults, adiposity, body mass index


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