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Sternalis muscle: an anatomic variation of the anterior chest wall

Diego da Silveira; Luiza Meelhuysen Sousa; Sávio Lana Siqueira; Bruno Vieira Medeiros de Oliveira; Adriana Torres da Silva; Joana Pereira Costa; Daniel Cunha de Araújo; Gustavo Alberto Rodrigues da Costa ; Breno Alves Araújo

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The sternalis muscle’s presence is an uncommon anatomic variation of the anterior chest wall’s musculature. It is insufficiently mentioned by the most of anatomical textbooks, although it has been well described by the literature. The study of this anatomic variation is extremely relevant, principally for the interpretation of image’s exams that approach this region. For this study’s achievement, 102 cadavers were dissected (97 of the male sex and 5 of the female sex). The study of the sternalis muscle avoids the expenses with exams and the indication of aggressive treatments in a wrong way.


sternalis muscle, chest wall, anatomic variation, chest musculature, mammography.
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