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Anatomical description of the trigeminal nerve [v] and its branching in mongrel dogs

Esteves, A; Ribeiro, CF; Dâmaso, CS; Moreira, FL; Fernandes, GJM; Carvalho Filho, J; Rossi Jr, WC

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For this study we had 10 (ten) dead bodies of dogs bearing different constitutional types. The following procedure for fixation was done in each animal: on both sides, the common carotid artery was cannulated and a 10% formaldehyde solution was then stilled. After fixation, the heads were separated from the bodies and the dissection of the target-region was performed according to classical dissection protocols, which included the removal of the skin and muscle and nerve exposition plus a further magnifying glass-aided dissection of the trigeminal nerve [V]. This study aimed to describe the anatomy of the main trunk and branching of the trigeminal nerve [V] on mongrel dogs, compare its characterization to those described in human beings and to obtain, data that conclude whether structural or branching differences of this nerve are closely related to different constitutional types of mongrel dogs.


anatomical, trigeminal, nerve, dogs, branching.
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