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Journal of Morphological Sciences
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Virtual medical and pedagogical applicability of human dermatome patterns: critical review of the literature

N.L. Saiki da Silva; F. Batigália

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Dermatome is an area of skin supplied by the posterior (sensory) root of a spinal nerve derived from a single cord segment, which is a particular aspect of the peripheral distribution of sensory fibers. Its topographic study is important to identify nerve, radicular, or medullary damage. When mapped, these dermatomes are outlined on the body surface and their assessment poses a special challenge to physicians once the distinguished imaging methods are not concordant in some aspects. Computers have taken over increasingly importance as transmitters of anatomical information in both clinical and educational sceneries. The present study concerning the virtual teaching and learning of the human dermatome patterns carries out an update of the literature and its clinical and radiological applicability. Computed-based anatomy programs do not only complement conventional instructions methods, but also provide the groundbreaking means to represent, standardize, and disseminate knowledge of dermatomes. Computer-based programs capable of standardizing a tridimensional map of human dermatomes still need to be developed.


dermatome, anatomy, teaching, learning, virtual
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