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Journal of Morphological Sciences
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Anatomical evaluation of some morphological abnormalities related to periodontal diseases

J. Martos; A.C.M. Leonetti; M.S.G. Netto; J.B. César Neto; L.E.R. Nova Cruz

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The presence of some dental abnormalities as a predisposal factor to installation of localized periodontal alterations. The present study was to evaluate the frequency of development abnormalities present on a sample of molars that may predispose to occurrence and progression of periodontal disease. Two hundred and seventy seven molars (141 maxillary and 136 mandibular molars) were selected for this study. The evaluations were performed by two examiners together who was trained and calibrated for the study. All measurements were made by direct visualization with a magnifying glass. The following clinical parameters were measured: Enamel cervical projections; Root trunk: in the three different extensions (<3 mm, >3 mm and <6 mm, >6 mm); Enamel pearls: presence (1) or absence (0). The anatomic observations were made on four surfaces of the tooth: mesial, distal, vestibular and palatal/lingual. Descriptive statistics and percentage distribution were performed. A total of 130 molars showed at least some degree of enamel cervical projection and the most frequent score was the degree 1, according to Masters and Hoskins classification. Fifteen teeth presented enamel pearls and the root trunk was more evident on the group with variation from 3 to 6 mm of extension, observed in 64 teeth. It can be concluded that the presence of development abnormalities is a frequent finding in molars and it has to be taken into consideration during periodontal examination and therapy.


dental anatomy, tooth abnormalities, periodontal disease, ectopic alterations, prevalence
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