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Fernando Musso; Rogério Albuquerque Azeredo; Dulcino Tose; João Guilherme Tavares Marchiori

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Variations in the insertion of the pectoralis minor muscle have been described. Although much of them were considered to be functionally normal, others may be associated in certain conditions with disconfort related to shoulder movement. Here we described a bilateral, symmetric insertional variation of the pectoralis minor muscle that was found during a routine dissection of upper limbs. In this variation, the tendon crossed the superior surface of the coracoid process to insert on the major tubercle of the humerus head, where it fused with the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle. This variation could be the cause of pain during certain shoulder movements as a result of neurovascular compression, and may lead to mechanical alterations in the muscular dynamics of the shoulder.


Muscle variation, pectoralis minor muscle, upper limb
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